"Remind yourself you are not alone"


I contracted genital herpes a week before I had to go back to school for the second semester.  I remember feeling some pain “down there” and I got the courage to look and then I saw it I called my mom immediately crying hysterically, I had never had sex before but in my heart I knew I had herpes. My mom called and got me an appointment at my clinic, where they kept asking if I had ever had oral sex, I said yes, but I couldn't remember him ever having a cold sore or anything. My doctor took a culture but I already knew I had it. I kept thinking how would I tell my boyfriend. I have been angry with my boyfriend even though I know this is not his fault but I couldn't help but be distant, I know it's just me trying to cope with this.  Genital herpes is scary but it doesn’t define you. I wish in health class they would have gone more in depth about STDs, especially herpes and how you can be infected by someone who shows no symptoms.  Each day I feel a little better. It's a day to day process, you will have bad days and you will have great days, you just have to get on with life and remind yourself you are not alone.