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Herpes FAQ Fact Sheet

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Herpes FAQs: Many, if not most, patients newly diagnosed with genital herpes need immediate education and counseling on the infection. They also need to referrals and resources for additional information and support. This can be time-consuming for healthcare provider, though, and patients can be left with too many unanswered questions.

To address the needs of both healthcare providers and patients, ASHA recently developed a one-page frequently-asked-questions sheet with information on some of the most common questions newly-diagnosed patients have and tested it with patients and providers. Testing showed that the FAQ was useful in simplifying topics, providing prompts for providers and resources for patients.

You can download your own copy of the FAQ to read for yourself and share with your healthcare provider as well.


The Heart of the Science: Terri Warren and the Westover Heights Clinic

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Nearly 30 years after opening a specialty clinic designed specifically to make patients as comfortable as possible with concerns around sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Portland’s pioneering HSV researcher and clinician has seen it all. The Helper looks at herpes and sexual health through the eyes of clinical expert Terri Warren, RN, ANP.

Your clinic offers a comprehensive slate of medical services, but how did Westover Heights develop into a resource known especially for its expertise in STIs and herpes?
We opened in 1982 specifically as a private STI clinic. I had done a rotation in nursing school at the county clinic and felt that many of the people there were really not comfortable in a public clinic setting, yet they didn’t want to go to their family practice provider because that’s also where their family went for medical care. A county clinic setting can sometimes not an inviting place to go, so we tried to make our clinic casually elegant, a place where they would feel comfortable right away.

I felt an alternative would serve a purpose and work as a business, and I opened the clinic straight out of nursing school. I worked with a physician who provided me with very specific prescriptive authority over the CDC treatment guidelines. I went to Seattle and did the STI training at the University of Washington and several other workshops with their STI teaching group. Through those connections with Larry Corey and his research team, my clinic became an informal satellite site for UW, as they were recruiting patients for research studies, particularly for herpes.


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