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"You can live the life you want"

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I was diagnosed with herpes about three months ago at 27 years old. I ended up having a urinary tract infection (UTI) at the same time I had my first outbreak. I had never had a UTI in my life and when it was not getting any better I finally called the doctor. She immediately told me based on the sores she saw that I had herpes. I immediately broke down into tears with thoughts zipping through my head. "I'm going to be alone in this because I can't tell anyone" and "how am I going to tell this guy who I recently started dating, what will he say?" This was what I was most terrified about because I had finally met someone who swept me off my feet and now I have to tackle this.

My first outbreak was very severe. I had a sore in my urethra which made urinating extremely painful. I would cry everything I went to the bathroom, sometimes even having to sit in a warm bath when I was done. I didn't know what to do but cry. I cried day and night.

I had to tell this guy what happened. I called him and tried to stay strong. My biggest fear was that he would not want to be with me anymore. I held it together for a few minutes then started crying. I explained to him the situation and I didn't know where I got it from. I had sex with other partners but never thought about it. Finally I heard the most wonderful thing anyone could have told me at that moment. He said to me "Don't worry, we'll get through this together... things could be worse." This was a huge relief and proved to me that he was a good, supportive man.

After I broke the news to him I felt relieve that I had someone else that supported me besides my parents. While talking to my mom she said to me "I have something to tell you because I don't want you to feel alone in this... I have herpes too." This immediately took away my pain and made me feel better because I had someone who is extremely close to me, knowing exactly what I was going through. She never thought she would have to tell her own daughter that she that's HSV as well but she encouraged me that you can live a very normal life with this. She has been living with HSV for many years as she was diagnosed at around 30.

This gave me the hope and strength I needed to know that I can do this and I can live my life the way I want. You can live the life you want as well.


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