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"My life is the same as it always was”

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I’m 18 years old and I was never sexually active until about two months ago. My boyfriend and I had been together for a month and I had given him permission to give me oral. To this day I still don’t regret it, but a few weeks later I began to feel extremely sore in the vaginal area. Everyone figured it was a yeast infection because I had had itchy at the beginning. So I tried treating it, but I even felt worse. So my mom and I called an assistant nurse and she was nice enough to get us in right away. At first glance, the doctor said it was herpes.

At first I felt relief because I finally knew what was wrong with me, but then the worry began to set in. I had herpes! This isn’t just some quick fix, it’s a life long virus. As soon as possible I texted my boyfriend to tell him, because he was with his doctor and when we saw each other later we could compare notes on what they had to say.Next was to tell my mom who was waiting outside. At first I thought about not telling her, but I couldn’t keep something like this from her.

Immediately we began talking about it and what it all meant. My boyfriend and I spent a lot of time talking about it as well. I couldn’t get mad at him because he didn’t know but I do wish I would’ve had him tested for every STD before we’d done anything. My boyfriend and I are still together and my life is the same as it always was, but maybe a little healthier. Having herpes isn’t the end of the world.


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