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About The Helper

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Published since 1979, The Helper is ASHA's award-winning quarterly newsletter on herpes. The Helper offers:

  • News items on the latest on HSV research, testing and treatment
  • Features that address the social and emotional aspects of herpes
  • An "Ask the Herpes Resource Center" column with answers to commonly asked questions
  • Personal stories from individuals managing herpes and their health and relationships

Scientific Advisory Committee
Sevgi O. Aral, PhD
Zane Brown, MD
Cathy Heitman, PhD
Edward W. Hook III, MD
Anna Wald, MD, MPH
Terri Warren, RN, ANP

“I want to say thank you for The Helper newsletter.  It has been one of the few things that has carried me through.  The information, and resources have really been a great help to me. Your work is very important, and I always welcome receiving the newsletter.  Thank you for providing this important information in the respectful, discrete, professional, way that you do.” --A reader


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